As in any self- respecting survival , even in SCUM you will need to get yourself a weapon as soon as possible. Let’s start by telling you that many of the weapons in the game can be created by simply combining various objects together. In this respect, the easiest instrument to make is probably represented by the Lancia di Legno .

To build this weapon, you will need two different components, a stone knife and a wooden stick. When you are catapulted onto SCUM island, immediately after the creation of your character, you will only have your fists to defend yourself from your enemies; which is why the first thing to do is to start looking for stones. Exploring various areas, you will come across the command prompt “ Search for rocks”; at this point, you will not have to press the “F” key on your keyboard and wait until you have picked up the stones.

As soon as you have two stones in your inventory, open the crafting menu and look for the option to make a knife. Well, you have just taken the first step to get the Wood Lance. Once this is done, all you have to do is go near trees and bushes and, thanks to the knife, you can cut branches and make wooden sticks. However, to get the lance in question, you will need to find a Long Stick. Search well between the cut branches and, as soon as you have identified it, place it in your inventory, open the crafting menu and you can make the Wood Lance. This is a very basic weapon, with which you can defend yourself in the opening bars of the game but which, in the long run, may not be too useful.

How to find and use firearms
Despite the melee weapons have their undoubted charm, the dear old firearms will always be able to remove the chestnuts from the fire like nothing else in the world. However, getting a gun and being able to shoot in the dangerous world of SCUM will not be easy at all. First of all, keep in mind that finding a gun will be only the first step, as you will also need to get a magazine and bullets . The moment you have these three objects, you will have made a jackpot. Remember, of course, that a shipper will only contain a limited number of bullets and therefore the advice is to ” shoot carefully and sparingly “.

It is important to remember that the charger is not essential for firing your weapon. However, if you are in possession of only the gun and bullets, know that you can only fire one shot at a time , after which you will be forced to reload the weapon, wasting precious time. Precisely for this reason, it is strongly advised to find a charger as soon as possible and fill it with the bullets in your possession.