Who can I play with?

Anyone can be a role player, and there are so many titles available that everyone will find the perfect one for them. Since this is the case, the easiest way to find a gaming group is to ask your friends, and find someone who is interested. If you are particularly lucky, some of them will already be players: in that case, you can simply ask to join the group.

Create a group

But you may not know anyone who plays role-playing. Don’t despair: it’s your chance to become the center of the group! Of course, it sounds like something difficult, but think about it: you’re probably the one who knows more about it than in your group of friends. You’ve read guides, watched videos, maybe even bought some manuals. In short, you have decided that it is a wonderful hobby, and that you want to try it. Now, think back to what your choice has led and tell your friends about it. I guarantee you that in a few days you will have a group ready to play.

Use the Internet

There is one last possibility: maybe you have moved, or your friends just aren’t interested in playing: in any case, you can’t find a group. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry, your career as a role player isn’t over before you start. The quickest solution is to visit a toy library near you, and look for groups of players there. It’s pretty sure you’ll find someone willing to let you in his circle, and you’ll also have some new friends. Moreover, fortunately for all of us, the Internet is pretty big, and is full of communities dedicated to RPGs. You can take a look at the appropriate groups on Facebook, or at platforms like Meetup , looking for words like “role play”. If you chew English, there is also a subreddit dedicated for those looking for role-playing groups.

And for the distance?

“Wait, an English reddit? But won’t I just find people very far from me? ”It is likely, but don’t forget that you can play online too. Many groups are found on chat like Discord, and there are sites (the most famous is roll20) that offer players real virtual gaming tables.

Where to play?

RPG sessions are usually held at someone’s home: it can always be the same place, or guests can go round. It’s definitely the most practical solution: you don’t have to pay for the rent of the room, and nobody will throw the group out after a certain time. You can play all night, and chances are that there won’t be too much trouble even though you’ll be a bit noisy. Oh, by the way, screams of joy and insults towards dice are very common at the gaming table. This is a very convenient solution to keep nuts, manuals and everything you need in the sessions. If, as usually happens, this “everything” includes food and drink, it is a good idea to have a small fridge available.