The first solution , that is to open a betting site like SKIN allows you with a very low investment to open an online gaming site , but with an equally limited profit margin. There are several companies with the possibility of becoming a franchised or licensed SKIN .

This is undoubtedly the most economical solution because you will only have to pay for the cost of creating the betting site (a service often provided by the same companies that offer the SKIN). Clearly it will be necessary to open one’s own VAT number and bear the related costs of opening and managing (not less than 600-800 euros per year including the consultant’s advice).

With this solution you will only have to worry about web marketing, or increase traffic and site visits as much as possible. The management of bets and quotas are the responsibility of the parent company which is therefore responsible, relieving you of this burden.

Clearly the profit margins will be smaller and usually do not exceed 25-30% of the game generated on the site.
Solution number two is one that requires a little more experience or at least training. It consists of opening a company of its own which, in addition to managing the site and its visibility, will have its own license and will assign third parties only the management of the quotas.

In this case the profit margins can increase compared to the first one because you will manage the transactions and payments directly, no longer as SKIN, and you will only have to pay the fee for managing the shares to the external bookmaker company. You will also have the opportunity to slightly change the odds provided to increase your earnings as a percentage.

The last hypothesis is the one that makes you enter as an autonomous and complete operator in the world of online gambling . It is certainly the solution that can bring many gains but requires a considerable investment and optimal experience in the sector. The business risk increases because all management responsibilities are your responsibility, as well as the control of payments, quotas, winnings and losses.

It is not a simple field if you do not have experience or a guide to confide in and that is why many new entrepreneurs they affiliate to companies in franchising .

If you want to get a quote and know the affiliation methods to start operating in the betting world, read the cards of the brands that you find below.
You will find various affiliate formats and you can:
choose the one that perfect suit your needs,
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