We have all seen the arrival of the black hole as the largest of the many small innovations that Eipc Games had in mind for its Fortnite but, in very few, we could have imagined a change of this magnitude within one of the most tried and tested video games among those currently in circulation. With the end of the astrophysical event, Epic Games renewed all the cards on the table bringing a sort of sequel to Fortnite Battaglia Reale called Fortnite chapter 2, a version of the title that will keep us company (presumably) for the next ten seasons of play or up at the end of the title from the limbo of early access (because Fortnite is still in early access).

No more talk, what do we have with this new chapter two in the title?
We have a myriad of new things that we have more or less covered in a macroguide; we can talk about fishing rods and their ability to turn a game around on the basis of the player’s luck, we can talk about the renewed set of weapons present in the title that transform the lucky challenges of the past seasons into a series of clashes much more reasoned, we can talk about motorboats and the possibility of swimming, true absolute novelties of the title and driving force of new ways of playing.

Why not talk about the new map?
Filled with places yet to be visited and secrets yet to be discovered, full of many small innovations that will significantly change the way experienced players play, this time with less chance of skybuilding, less chances to do more, more need for precision . The addition of historical sites, named places and old challenges will be the protagonists of today’s guide, dedicated to all the challenges of the first season of the title.

What are we talking about?
Let’s see how the new world challenges are completed!

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Guide to hide and seek challenges
He lands at Frenetic Farms, Pantano Palpitante and Sabbie Sabbie.
This very first challenge of Fortnite’s hide-and-seek challenges requires the player only to land over several games at three different locations on the game map. These locations are:

Frenetic Farm: that is the wide agricultural area between the F3 and F4 coordinates of the game map.
Pantano Palpitante: the wide swamp area rich in fluid slurp that can be found at the C6 and C7 coordinates of the game map.
Sweaty Sands: that is the bathing area present at coordinates B3 and B4 of the game map.

Land, end the game in some legitimate way (through victory or defeat) to advance the completion of the challenge; after that, move on to the next one. Remember that if you exit the game using the game menu the challenge will be considered invalidated by the title itself.

The reward for completing this challenge is 52,000 experience points.

Collect 500 units of wood, 400 of stone and 300 of iron.
This challenge asks the player to go around the game map during the course of one or more games in order to collect hundreds of different resources. The challenge to be precise requires the player to collect five hundred wooden units, four hundred of stone and three hundred iron units; the usual building materials we can find inside Fortnite Battaglia Reale. To gather these resources, of course, you will have to use the good old dear pickaxe / picking tool, useful for breaking down anything on the scenario and for getting something specific out of it.

To collect the appropriate resources more quickly, remember to pick out being careful to hit the weak spots represented by the blue circles that appear on the screen after the first shot. In a few games you will also complete this challenge and you can easily switch to the one after.

The reward for completing this challenge is 52,000 experience points.

• Eliminate opponents at the Frenetic Farm or Sudbie Sabbie
This challenge asks the player to eliminate three opponents scattered between two specific locations in the game world: Hectic Farm or Sweaty Sands. We have already seen these two locations during the course of the first challenge, the first can be found at the F3 F4 coordinates of the game map and the second at the B3 B4 coordinates of the game map.

Both locations are quite large and allow the application of different styles of play: there are hiding places where to set ambushes, there are houses in which to hide, there are areas of relative tranquility towards which to start one’s build battles and challenge the own adversary to those who are the best among all the various carpenters; what is most important is simply to have good aim. Remember that at Fattoria Frenetica it is possible to enter the cultivated fields to hide in the brushwood and ambush (even in this way) against your opponents.